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Groupon G-Pass is a VIP lane for concerts

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The Groupon G-Pass aims to get you past lines and into your seat.

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ipad groupon
ipad groupon

Groupon's new G-Pass wants to get you out of lines. Starting today, you can print your discounted Groupon ticket right at home, and skip the wait at the box office. It's all thanks to GrouponLive. The service — an amalgam of Groupon and Live Nation — offers Groupon-style deals on events like concerts or baseball games in much the same way that Groupon does. Subscribe to a mailing list in your area, and you'll receive email updates serving up discounts for concerts and events that are nearby.

Before today's announcement, you'd purchase a ticket through GrouponLive, print a voucher, bring that voucher to your event's box office, and swap it for a real ticket. G-Pass cuts out that last step by including any relevant barcodes, tickets and seating info right onto the voucher. A simple touch, but anything that skirts a line is welcome.

The G-Pass service went into beta for a limited number of events back in October, but it's now available at all Ticketmaster venues that offer GrouponLive deals. Like Groupon, the deals will vary — you'll need to sign up at the GrouponLive site to see if there's anything that strikes your fancy.