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PS Vita firmware update 1.67 available now, as well as the handheld's first free-to-play downloadable

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Sony's updated the PlayStation Vita to version 1.67.

PlayStation Vita system update stock 1024
PlayStation Vita system update stock 1024

The PlayStation Vita just received its first free-to-play game, a match-three puzzler called Treasures of Montezuma Blitz, and we were curious to see how it plays, but when we fired up a Vita to see just how friendly Sony's made the platform for freemium titles, we ran into a required update. Yes, Sony's updated the PlayStation Vita's firmware to version 1.67, only one week after the last, and just like version 1.66, it's a 97MB download. There's no changelog, so we're not sure what it does quite yet, but we can hazard a guess: perhaps Sony's trying to successfully release version 1.65 yet again. We've reached out to the company for details. In the meanwhile, you can hear more about Montezuma Blitz at our source link.