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Kindle Touch 5.1.0 update adds international language support, landscape mode, and more

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Amazon has released a 5.1.0 software update to the Kindle Touch, adding international language support, landscape mode, and an array of new features.

Kindle Touch
Kindle Touch

The Kindle Touch will be available for purchase in several European countries starting April 27th, and Amazon has rolled out a software update in support of the expansion that includes some notable features in its own right. Available for both the 3G and Wi-Fi-only variants of the device, the 5.1.0 software update adds customized language support, offering up the Touch's interface in German, French, Spanish, Italian, and Brazilian Portuguese, in addition to both US and UK variants of English. It also adds a landscape mode, allowing users to switch orientation when reading, as well as including the ability to translate a given word or passage into other languages with a simple tap. A new text-to-speech feature reads English-language content back to users, while the inclusion of some new social sharing options lets readers post what content they're perusing to Facebook and Twitter. Support for the latest Kindle file format, expanded Wi-Fi support, and automatic word suggestions when typing are also bundled into the update. If you'd like to get your hands on it right away, you can visit Amazon's site for instructions on how to manually download and install the update; otherwise, it will be rolling out via Wi-Fi in the coming weeks.