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Qlocktwo W wristwatch spells out the time

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The Qlocktwo W wristwatch, an adaptation of the larger Qlocktwo wall clock, spells out the time on a grid of letters.

Qlocktwo W
Qlocktwo W

Digital displays are easy to read, but perhaps you'd prefer your watch to tell time in a more colloquial manner? If so, you may enjoy the Qlocktwo W wristwatch. The watch, by German studio Biegert & Funk, is made of a grid of letters that light up on the press of a side button, displaying the time in five-minute intervals (i.e. "It is five past two"). The dots at the bottom measure the exact minutes — so, for example, "five past two" plus one dot means 2:06. When the button hasn't been pressed, the watch stays dark.

The Qlocktwo W is an adaptation of the company's better-known wall clock, and while we do miss the bright colors of the original Qlocktwo, the W is really quite handsome. There's no price yet for the US, but the wall clock starts at $1,100, and the watch is set at around 550 euros or $700 US. English and German versions are set to come out in fall of 2012, and Biegert & Funk has set up a page for updates and inquiries on its site. There's also an iOS and Android app available, although neither one really approximates the Qlocktwo gestalt.