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BBM Challenge Council wants to 'debunk' anti-BlackBerry rumors with comedy webisodes

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RIM is sponsoring a series of webisodes meant to debunk anti-BlackBerry rumors in humorous vignettes.

BBM Challenge Council
BBM Challenge Council

Apparently BlackBerry's "be bold" infographics weren't enough to get the youth of today interested in RIM's phones. In fact, RIM says it's been hearing some downright negative rumors, and it's looking to put them to rest with the help of MTV and CollegeHumor veterans, celebrity cameos, and fan-made videos. The "BBM Challenge Council" will produce webisodes "debunking" claims about the BlackBerry, like that it doesn't play music — something that's laid to rest by aggressively dancing at bystanders around a truck playing tunes from BBM Music.

There's a contest component, so if you're a big fan of BlackBerry you can check out the site to enter. BlackBerry is at least a fairly popular brand among the younger set in Europe, and co-hosts Amir Blumenfeld and Streeter Seidell are well-known comedians, so it's probably worth following a bit to see what comes out. A series of five episodes are planned, each highlighting a different feature of the BlackBerry; the first is below.