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    'Mario' creator Shigeru Miyamoto is an 'Angry Birds' fan

    'Mario' creator Shigeru Miyamoto is an 'Angry Birds' fan


    The creator of Mario and Donkey Kong says that Angry Birds< is one of his favorite non-Nintendo games.

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    Popular games don't always get a lot of respect, but in the case of Angry Birds, developer Rovio is receiving praise from an unexpected source — Mario creator Shigeru Miyamoto. The man also behind enduring franchises like The Legend of Zelda and Donkey Kong recently told Edge magazine that the best-selling mobile game is one his favorite titles not developed by Nintendo. "You can really feel that they're having fun developing the game," he said. "That's what I like about it."

    "This kind of environment inspires us to try even harder, and create even more unexpected new things."

    Miyamoto was being interviewed while demonstrating the new Nintendo 3DS museum guide at the Louvre in Paris, and he explained that the creativity happening in the mobile space with games like Angry Birds is actually inspiring him to create "even more unexpected new things." Of course, with the success of the 3DS, both in Japan and the US, chances are we won't be seeing those new things on a mobile device any time soon.