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Fearing Olympic traffic jams, London data center staff will sleep with servers

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Dutch hosting company Interxion will be having some of its London employees sleep in pods in the data centers they manage during the upcoming Olympic Games.

Interxion sleeping pods
Interxion sleeping pods

During the upcoming Olympic Games, Dutch data center management company Interxion has revealed plans to bunk employees in its London facilities right next to the servers they maintain, fearing that the influx of visitors and event staff could create traffic jams and mass transit overloads that would prevent them from getting into the office in a reasonable amount of time. As with most hosting services, Interxion has service-level agreements with many (if not all) of its customers that guarantee a certain amount of uptime — and without staff showing up for work, that could be a difficult guarantee to stand behind. The pods come from a British company called Podtime and are primarily geared for quick naps, but it is possible to sleep overnight in one — as long as you can drift off to the hum of hundreds of enterprise servers in the background.