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Boeing developing Android phone for defense and intelligence markets

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Aerospace company Boeing has announced that it's working on an Android phone that will be sold to the defense and intelligence markets.


We already knew that the US government was looking to adopt Android phones for use in the military, and now we know one of the potential providers — Boeing. The aerospace giant has announced that it is making an Android device designed for the defense and intelligence markets, which will have the same functionality as a consumer smartphone while being much more secure.

The company says it went with Android instead of a proprietary operating system so that it could offer offer a combination of secure communication and a wide range of apps for users. And while no price point was revealed, the device is expected to be significantly cheaper than competitive phones (which can cost up to $20,000) though not cheap enough that it would be considered a "mass market" product. No details on the hardware have been announced yet, and we're not even sure if it will carry the Boeing branding — but the company says the phone should launch by the end of 2012.