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Dyson engineers go drag racing with spare vacuum parts

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Dyson engineers have revealed to the world how they spend their evenings — creating drag racers from spare vacuum cleaner parts.

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When you design vacuum cleaners all day, you're going to need to let off steam somehow. The engineers at Dyson think that they've found the perfect way: building drag racers from components that would normally be used to sweep your floor. The only restriction given is that they had to be powered by the motor that's usually found in Dyson's handheld cleaners, with the winner being the person who got their racer to go fastest.

A few evenings' work later and the starting grid was assembled, with a diverse array of designs showing just how creative engineers can be, and one intrepid engineer even choosing to ride their creation like a box car. Some of the dragsters are impressively fast, but let's face it: the people who can build a bladeless fan should know a thing or two about aerodynamics. There's just one thing missing in all of this — where's the Ball?