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ICANN extends web suffix application deadline in wake of software glitch

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ICANN has announced that it will be extending the deadline for companies to apply for custom web address suffixes after a software problem was discovered with its top-level domain application system.

ICANN logo 640
ICANN logo 640

ICANN's plan to allow companies to apply for new domain name suffixes has run into a bit of a snag, with a software problem forcing it to move the application deadline. Originally, the application period for the custom suffixes — such as ".theverge" — was planned to close this evening, but according to a post on its website, ICANN discovered what it describes as a "glitch" in its top-level domain application system (TLS). In response ICANN is shutting down the TLS until this Tuesday at 23:59 UTC. Accordingly, applications for custom domain suffixes will continue to be accepted until 23:59 UTC on Friday, April 20th.

While ICANN hasn't specified the exact nature of the glitch, it did confirm to Domain Incite that the issue was not caused by any sort of attack, and that existing user applications have not been affected. While most companies have kept quiet on their plans to register the new web address suffixes, The Register reports that both Canon and Google have confirmed that they are bidding on their own custom suffixes, though no plans to utilize the names have been announced.