I'm okay at drawing. I used to draw constantly as a kid, but I never really expanded my abilities after Commander Mark got through with teaching me perspective. Over time I grew tired of drawing the same basic cartoon characters over and over, and gave up drawing in favor of a computer's (seemingly) endless creative opportunities.

I'm terrible at photography. I've never taken many photos outside of my work, and I've never even been proud of my gadget shots. I have no "eye," no flair for framing, and everything always turns out blurry, underexposed, and awkward. If I ever dare to Photoshop my work, it always turns out worse.

But Instagram doesn't know that. Instagram doesn't judge. It takes what I do, and makes it look pretty. It doesn't overload me with sliders and options and "masks," it just gives me a few simple "make it look good" options, and leaves it at that. It doesn't make my photos "good" by any empirical means, but it makes them tolerable to be viewed by human eyes, and for that I'm grateful. I'm still so bad that I run Instagram filters on 20 photos for every one I post, but I'm slowly growing in confidence.