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Boxee Box sells 200,000 units, accounting for 10 percent of all users

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Boxee has announced that has sold 200,000 units of its Boxee Box streaming set-top box, accounting for around 10 percent of its 2 million users.

Boxee Box
Boxee Box

A tweet from Boxee has revealed that there are 200,000 users of its distinctively angular Boxee Boxes, the set-top unit that brings Boxee's media center interface to your TV. That number gives the Box around 10 percent of the total Boxee install base including users of the now-discontinued desktop client. Since the tweet refers to users, it's also possible that Boxee has sold more of the devices than this, which are yet to be switched on.

It's a number that the company is obviously proud of, though it puts it a long way behind the sales of the Apple TV — 1.4 million in the last quarter alone — and Google TV's roughly one million devices in use. A good part of this will be down to brand recognition for consumers, something that Boxee will have to improve upon if it wishes to be a true contender.