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Whitespace Remover for Google Plus offers a cleaner widescreen display

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A new browser extension called Whitespace Remover for Google Plus eliminates whitespace and centers content on Google+, rendering the layout more widescreen-friendly.

whitespace remover google+
whitespace remover google+

The new Google+ interface is great for video and photo browsing, but can pose some issues for widescreen monitors — namely, tons of blank, disused space. Fortunately, there's a new browser extension for Chrome and Firefox called Whitespace Remover for Google Plus that solves the problem in one fell swoop.

Google's standard layout pushes the stream and navigation bar to the left, leaving vast whitespace real estate on the right. Whitespace Remover doesn't drastically change this format, though it does center each page's contents and surround it with a gray border, thereby lowering brightness levels and rendering the entire experience more widescreen-friendly. It's also worth noting that there are similar solutions on the market, including Google+ Center Posts Stream — a user script that centers content, but doesn't eliminate whitespace — and G+ Whitespace Optimisation — a feature for the Firefox Stylish add-on that resizes content according to screen size.