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Nokia Belle FP1 update rolling out to 701, 700, and 603 handsets

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Nokia has begun to push out Belle FP1, a feature update, to users of its 700, 701, and 603 smartphones.

Nokia 603
Nokia 603

Nokia is pushing out a big feature update to users of its 701, 700, and 603 smartphones, which increases the clock speed of all three handsets from 1GHz to 1.3GHz. Named Belle FP1, the update also brings better Flash performance, new widgets, Microsoft apps, Nokia Maps 2.0, improved multitasking, notifications, and a new browser. Nokia claims that speed is up throughout the OS, which is most likely down to the increased processor clocks. The company is also integrating Dolby Digital Plus, which should improve (or at least change) audio output from the devices.

For an operating system that many have proclaimed to be dead, Nokia Belle FP1 seems to be a far richer update than anything Lumia users have received thus far. All About Symbian reports that the 808 PureView will come with FP1 pre-installed, but unfortunately first generation Symbian^3 devices like the Nokia N8 will not be updated, although may get some features in a separate firmware push. If you're an owner of the 701, 700, or the 603, the Belle FP1 should be pushed out to you over the air shortly.