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Google Drive integration leaked by Lucidchart

Google Drive integration leaked by Lucidchart


The rumors of a Google Drive storage service have been given some credence by online diagramming tool Lucidchart.

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Google's widely rumored cloud storage service might be closer than we thought, with online diagramming tool Lucidchart adding (and then swiftly removing) a link to a Google Drive integration page to its user control panel. The address that the link pointed to is still active, although the toggle inside does nothing without access to a Drive account. The integration will eventually allow users to link their Drive accounts to Lucidchart and automatically sync documents into the cloud.

It's worth noting that Lucidchart's CEO is Karl Sun, a former senior figure at Google. Sun was in charge of Google's move into China and also founded its patent department. His relationship with the search giant continued for a time after his departure from Mountain View through Google's philanthropic arm, So there's certainly a line of trust already established between the two companies.

It may be that software developers already have access to the service, perhaps as a means for Google to announce a number of launch partners. The integration suggests that Google sees Drive as a ubiquitous cloud storage platform rather than just a personal storage service. It's also the first solid evidence we've seen that Google Drive is coming, and adds a confirmation of the name. All we're missing is one major detail — when?

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