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Philippe Starck allegedly working with Apple on 'revolutionary' project for later this year

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French designer Philippe Starck has said that he's working on a "revolutionary" project with Apple to be revealed later this year.

Philippe Starck
Philippe Starck

AFP is reporting that legendary designer Philippe Starck has said that he's working with Apple on a "revolutionary" project that'll be unveiled later this year. No details were provided, but it's a wild claim: Apple is known for keeping its external consulting to a bare minimum, and industrial design in Cupertino typically comes from the top down thanks to Sir Jony Ive, a legendary designer in his own right. Starck says that he used to visit Steve Jobs once a month for seven years to chat, and that the friendly relationship continues to this day with his wife.

It's important to note that this isn't necessarily a retail product — it's referred to simply as a "project," which suggests that Starck could be involved with something like Apple's new spaceship-like campus or an Apple Store concept. He says that it'll be revealed in about eight months — in time for Christmas, just in case this is something you can buy.

Update: Apple denies collaboration