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Sharp now building world's first IGZO panels for thinner, more energy efficient displays

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Sharp has started producing LCD panels that use indium gallium zinc oxide semiconductors, which should lead to thinner displays that consume less energy.

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At its plant in Kameyama, Japan, Sharp has started production on the first LCD panels that feature indium gallium zinc oxide (IGZO) semiconductors, which will lead to thinner displays with lower energy consumption. Production on the panels actually kicked off last month, but Sharp said today that it has ramped up its efforts due to increased demand. The IGZO semiconductor material lets Sharp produce LCD panels with much smaller transistors, and the company is also utilizing the same photo-alignment technology found in its Aquos TV line for better image quality. The Kameyama plant is focusing on building small and mid-sized displays for devices like tablets and monitors, which, based on sample specs provided, includes displays as large as 32 inches. Sharp hasn't announced any partners that will be utilizing the new technology, but if rumors are to be believed we might just see IGZO displays in future Apple products.