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The Vergecast is LIVE today at 1:30PM EST / 6:30PM BST

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The Vergecast is live today at 1:30 EST

Vergecast (Ross in place of Nilay)
Vergecast (Ross in place of Nilay)

It's Friday. It's the 13th. And you probably thought we forgot about your weekly Vergecast. We would never scare you like that. However, instead of the regularly scheduled Thursday broadcast we are coming to you live from the beautiful day of Friday. Even though we are Vergecasting on this bright new day, we are still bringing you all of the things you love about the Vergecast! Except for Nilay. Nilay won't be here. Sorry. Instead we'll be providing you a healthy dose of Ross!

We will be live from the studio at 1:30PM EST. Join us if you like technology and friendship.

If you'd like to play along at home, there are two amazing fan-made bingo games: Verge Bingo and The Verge Bingo.

Watch live streaming video from thevergecast at