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HTC One V begins shipping in the UK on April 23rd, according to Carphone Warehouse

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Carphone Warehouse and Amazon's UK site are both taking pre-orders for the HTC One V, with an expected release date during the week of April 23rd.

HTC One V hands on main
HTC One V hands on main

While the HTC One V may not have the same flashy specs and giant screens as its siblings, the One X and One S, we found it to be a nice revival of the HTC Legend design. While the One S and One X are now widely available, the One V lagged behind a bit — but now Carphone Warehouse is taking pre-orders for the One V, with delivery expected to being the week of April 23rd. It'll be free on contract from Orange, O2, and Vodafone, with minimum monthly bills starting at£20.50. Amazon's UK site corroborates these details — it shows an expected delivery date of April 26th for the One V, and it'll sell unlocked and SIM-free £226.10. If you're on the fence about the smallest member of the One family, keep your eyes peeled for our in-depth review, coming soon.