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Top three things Tim Cook was most likely doing at Valve's headquarters this week

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Apple CEO Tim Cook was seen at Valve's headquarters last week.

cook apple logo big
cook apple logo big

According to Apple Insider, Tim Cook was spotted at Valve this week. Of course you know that means the rumors are going to be swirling hot-and-heavy for now until the end of time that Apple is buying Valve, collaborating with Valve, or at least secret best friends with Valve. So we thought we'd get a head start on the rumor mill and list the most likely things Tim Cook was actually doing at the lauded game developer, so far up the west coast:

1. Slathering the Steam client in green felt.

2. Putting the finishing touches on a wearable computer / home console / robot that uses Apple hardware and Valve software.

3. Playing Half-Life 3 with Gabe Newell and having a blast.

Let the conjecture begin!