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Best Buy releases 50-store closure list, most to be shuttered by May 12th

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Best Buy has announced the full list of 50 stores it will be closing this year as part of a cost-cutting measure in the wake of a $1.7 billion loss in its last fiscal quarter.

best buy thurrock uk_640
best buy thurrock uk_640

After reporting a $1.7 billion loss for its last fiscal quarter Best Buy announced that it would close 50 US locations in an effort to improve the company's financials. The retailer has now revealed the full list of locations that will be closing their doors. Employees of 42 stores, spanning 22 different states, were notified Saturday morning. The locations join two stores in Missouri and Arizona that were closed in February; five stores in Minnesota and one in Texas had already been notified that they would be closing as well. All but three of the stores are expected to be completely shut down by May 12th, with the remaining locations to be closed by the end of the summer. Best Buy has stated that it will try to help employees at the affected locations find employment elsewhere within the company, but it will be offering severance packages as an alternative. The full list of closures is available here.