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'Space Quest' creators reunite for new space adventure game

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Scott Murphy and Mark Crowe, the "Two Guys From Andromeda" that created Sierra On-Line's "Space Quest" series, have announced they're reuniting to create a new space-themed adventure game.

Guys From Andromeda screencap
Guys From Andromeda screencap

If you're familiar with Sierra On-Line's classic adventure games, you'll know the names Mark Crowe and Scott Murphy. Under the guise of "The Two Guys From Andromeda," the pair were responsible for creating Sierra's comedy-adventure series Space Quest, and on their newly-launched website, the duo have revealed that they're teaming up for a new game. Details are slim at the moment, with the announcement simply detailing that it will be a space adventure — or Spaceventure, as they're dubbing it — that will see them return to their old genre stomping grounds while taking advantage of the ways in which gaming has changed since their latest outing. If you've ever wanted a chance to work with the duo, you're in luck there as well: a jobs board on their site features a number of open positions as they staff up to bring their next creation to life. No potential release date has been announced, but Crowe and Murphy will be providing updates both on their site and via Twitter.