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Samsung's ChatON IM app now available for BlackBerry phones, optimized for Android tablets

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Samsung's cross-platform IM app is now available for Blackberry devices and Android tablets.


After launching on Android in October, iOS in January, and on the web in February, the chat app everyone isn't talking about is finally available on BlackBerry. As well as expanding its availability to all BlackBerry users (it was available for the BlackBerry Torch last month), Samsung has released a tablet-optimized version for Honeycomb and ICS tablets, which is available in Google Play now. ChatON has been downloaded from Google Play between half a million and one million times, which pales in comparison to the 10,000,000+ downloads the Android version of WhatsApp, its nearest cross-platform competitor, has racked up.

For BlackBerry users, there's no PlayBook app yet, but there are versions for "Touch Phone" and "None Touch Phone" available on Samsung's ChatON website. The app doesn't appear to have made its way into the BlackBerry App World just yet. Regardless, it's a free download, so if your curiosity has been piqued, head over to the source link below to check it out.