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'Soul Calibur' for iOS update adds local multiplayer over Bluetooth

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Soul Calibur for iOS has been updated to support multiplayer over Bluetooth on the iPhone and iPad, but not the iPod Touch.

Soul Calibur iOS
Soul Calibur iOS

When NamcoBandai released Soul Calibur as an $11.99 single-player experience for iOS we were a little skeptical about the app's value when compared to other iOS titles and alternative ports for XBLA and PSP. Well, although the price remains as astronomically high as ever, the developers have at least righted one wrong. Version 1.1 of the iOS title now includes a VS mode via Bluetooth for both the iPad and iPhone. Unfortunately, the iPod touch does not support VS mode; it's unclear why, but an intelligent guess would be RAM constraints, as the rest of the Touch's specifications are similar to the fully-supported iPad 2 iPhone 4. The updated version of Soul Calibur is available from the App Store now.