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Asus adding fancy speaker grilles to N-Series lineup next week

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Asus is gearing up to announce three new N-Series laptops this week — the N46, N56, and N76.

Asus N Series
Asus N Series

Asus' upcoming N-Series multimedia laptops have been extensively detailed by Italian site Notebook Italia. Apparently due to be unveiled at DesignWeek 2012 in Milan next week, the N46, N56, and N76 will replace the N45, N55, and N75 of yesteryear. The screen sizes for the new models are 14 inches (N46), 15.6 inches (N56), and 17.6 inches (N76). The new versions look dramatically different to their predecessors, with a unique speaker grill that covers much of the keyboard being the main standout in terms of design. The speakers themselves utilize Bang & Olufsen "ICEPower" technology, and from the promotional video it looks as though Asus will bundle its Sonic Master subwoofer in some SKUs, as it has done with the N-Series models in the past.

In terms of specs, the N-Series will reportedly have Sandy Bridge CPUs, although future models will arrive equipped with the latest Ivy Bridge processors. Graphics will be taken care of by a discrete Nvidia GeForce GT635M card and there will be options for up to 8GB of RAM, 1TB of internal storage, along with a choice of optical drives. Asus' Instant-On technology has been carried over from the previous N-Series models, which powers the laptop from standby in under two seconds. There's no sign of a price or release date just yet, but we imagine we'll hear more on that from Asus at the official announcement in Milan.

Notebook Italia goes on to list a complete spec list for the of N56, the 15.6-inch midrange model, which you can find at the source link below, although you may want to have Google Translate handy.