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'Minecraft: DOTA' is a game within a game, based on a game within a game

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The TheoryMovies team of Minecraft masters has built a version of DOTA within Minecraft.

minecraft dota
minecraft dota

Alright, try and keep up here. DOTA is a mod for Warcraft III that spawned the ultra-popular MOBA genre of games (which includes League of Legends, Heroes of Newerth, and Valve's upcoming Dota 2). The general premise is a sped-up RPG meets a simplified RTS meets a tower defense game, and the original Warcraft mod is still played by thousands, with its game-within-a-game origin making it the Counter-Strike of the modern era.

Minecraft is a game where you build things with blocks. Now, thanks to the incredible efforts of the TheoryMovies team of Minecraft masters, a version of DOTA has been built within Minecraft, with zero modifications to the actual game. Most parts of a typical MOBA are present in the freely downloadable map, including spawned monsters, tower destruction, shops, and buffs. We're not sure how much deeper this can get into game-within-a-game inception, but we're willing to find out.