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Andrew W.K. sings the praises of pinball

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In a Pitchfork interview, Andrew W.K. goes into detail about his love of pinball and how it compares to video games.

andrew wk
andrew wk

Andrew W.K.'s passions: partying, power ballads, and... pinball? That was the takeaway from a recent interview the Party Hard rocker gave to Pitchfork, going into detail about his love of the medium and how he feels it compares to video games.

There's a tangibility with pinball. I was fascinated, like when Altered Beasts came out. The graphics...what was that game? Lethal Enforcer? If someone had a videogame there and had a Twilight Zone pinball machine, I wouldn't think twice. I'd play Twilight Zone. I have nothing but admiration and love for videogames, especially as a concept, but it just comes down to what you feel you'd be able to contribute to a pinball experience.

W.K. also mentions his favourite tables, including Funhouse, The Addams Family and the aforementioned Twilight Zone, and offers some tips to potential collectors. The interview goes on to cover WK's fears, his vision for the future of humanity, and his thoughts on Soulja Boy.