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Braven Six series of Bluetooth speakers can daisy chain, charge your USB devices

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Spar rebranded as Braven with the introduction of the Six series -- 650, 625s, 600 -- of rechargeable Bluetooth speakers that can be daisy chained together.

Braven daisychain
Braven daisychain

The speaker company formerly known as Spar is back with a new name and trio of updated battery-powered Bluetooth speakers as followup the Zephyr series launched in 2011. Now operating under the name Braven, the Utah-based company just announced the Braven Six series of 3-watt stereo speakers touting passive subwoofers, battery life between 14 and 20 hours, an ability to charge USB devices like phones and audio players, a full-duplex microphone for making Bluetooth speakerphone calls, 3.5-mm audio in and out jacks, and a variety of aluminum treatments. Uniquely, these highly portable wireless speakers can also be daisy chained together for extra oomph.

The Braven 600 is available for $149.00 in grey or red and runs for 14 hours on a single charge. The ruggedized 625s costs $179.99 and features a 16 hour battery surrounded by a shock-absorbing exterior and aluminum grille -- it even ships with a waterproof bag and USB flashlight. Topping things off is the $189.99 Braven 650 with 20-hour battery and aptX and AAC audio encoding. All three are available to pre-order now with shipments expected by the end of June.