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Skype web app in the works, according to Microsoft job listings

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New job listings say that Microsoft is looking for the new hires "to help us bring Skype experience on to the Web." There are three current listings: two for software development engineers in both Prague and London, and another in London for a quality engineer, all of which suggest the company is making a Skype web app.

Skype Chrome browser mock-up
Skype Chrome browser mock-up

It looks like Microsoft wasn't just talking about Windows Phone and Windows 8 when it promised that following its $8.5 billion Skype acquisition it would take the VoIP service and "bring innovative technology to friends, families and colleagues everywhere." New Microsoft job listings say that the company is looking for new hires "to help us bring [the] Skype experience on to the Web." Unfortunately, there are few details at the moment, but, as Windows Phone Sauce points out, the listings ask for applicants who have "real world experience developing HTML5 UI's." That doesn't necessarily mean it'll be an HTML5 web app, but it's certainly in the cards that it won't require Adobe Flash — meaning it'll be able to run on more web browsers, including Safari on the iPhone and iPad. While the listings are fairly solid proof that a Skype web app is in the works, it's possible that Microsoft is looking for the new hires to do other browser-based work for the VoIP platform other than the obvious. Either way, we think a universal, download-free Skype app should help Skype strengthen its foothold as the VoIP service of choice, but we'll let you know more when we hear it.