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PSA: PlayStation Network going offline for 13 hours of maintenance today at 9AM ET

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Sony has announced that PlayStation Network will undergo 13 hours of maintenance on April 16th starting at 9AM ET.

PSN logo padded
PSN logo padded

Sony has announced that its PlayStation Network will be taken offline yet again for scheduled maintenance today beginning at 9AM ET. All the usual circumstances we've come to know so well are applicable here: online gaming will be a no-go, and users will also be without access to the PlayStation Store, PlayStation Home, and PSN account management. A post at PlayStation.Blog estimates that the 13-hour session should wrap up around 10PM ET.

Additionally, Sony has formed what it's calling the PlayStation Digital Platforms Community Management team in an effort to keep customers better informed about PSN operations, according to Senior Manager Matthew Harper. He says his group's mission is to ensure gamers are heard by the company and "at the heart of every development across PSN."

Unfortunately those lines of communication haven't improved much just yet. Harper's maintenance announcement reads very closely to what we've seen previously and offers PSN members no explanation for why such lengthy and frequent downtime is required to keep Sony's network running smoothly. Thankfully Harper promises his team will try to include more specifics going forward and urges gamers to make their voices heard at the blog and on PlayStation's community forums.