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    Turntable Rider adds a working DJ setup to your BMX

    Turntable Rider adds a working DJ setup to your BMX


    Japanese bicycle sharing service Cogoo has created a hardware package for DJing from your BMX bicycle. Turntable Rider uses a crossfader, wheel-mounted jog dial, and sample-triggering handbrake levers that turn a bike into a musical instrument.

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    For today's DJ-slash-BMX rider on the go, Japanese bicycle sharing service Cogoo has put together a kit called Turntable Rider that lets you get busy on the cuts in between your time machines and tailwhips. Turntable Rider lets you manipulate the tracks on a networked computer, both manually using the handlebar-mounted crossfader, and with a jog wheel controller mounted to the bike's rim. Two modified sample-triggering handbrake levers round out the package.

    The project is a collaboration between hip-hop and dance artist DJ BAKU, award-winning BMX rider Kotaro Tanaka, and interactive artist Toshiyuki Sugai. According to the making-of video (below), the goal of the project was to create something fun and easy to use, rather than just bolting a MIDI controller to a bike frame. So far the kit isn't available commercially, but if Cogoo gets 5900 Facebook likes it will look into mass production, so be sure to hit the source link if you want to see Turntable Rider come to market.