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Is this Spotify's official iPad app?

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An image of what looks to be a beta version of Spotify's iPad app has surfaced on Instagram.

spotify ipad magnusjonasson twitter
spotify ipad magnusjonasson twitter

While Spotify's iPhone app just got a big bitrate bump, unlike competitor Rdio, the company still doesn't offer a native iPad app for its music streaming service. Well, the wait may be nearly over — a Swedish technology consultant has posted the first image of what he claims is a beta version of Spotify's official iPad app to Instagram, along with the caption "It's getting closer!"

The photo shows the same overlapping pane interface found in iPad apps like Twitter, along with a playhead along the bottom and sidebar with icons for Search, What's New, Inbox, Playlists, and Friends. Note that this is not the same as the unofficial app that designer Max Petriv is working on. While an iPad app is currently the top idea on Spotify's community site, and is listed as "planned," so far the company has been tight-lipped about an actual release.