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RED announces Dragon 6K sensor upgrade for Epic and Scarlet cameras

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RED has announced an upgrade for its Epic and Scarlet cameras, bringing native 6K video recording via a new sensor module.

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High-definition specialist RED has announced that an upgrade is coming for its Epic and Scarlet cameras, allowing users to add 6K native video recording (6,000 x 4,000) to their already specced out video shooters. Dubbed "Dragon," the sensor also promises 15 stops of native dynamic range as well as the ability to record at 120fps in 5K. This is a significant upgrade for the cameras, particularly the Scarlet, which can currently only shoot at 4K while still maintaining any kind of fluid frame rate.

RED's cameras are designed with this kind of upgrade in mind, with a modular design meaning that users can easily add new features or lens mounts to their cameras at a later date — hardly something that Canon's new cinema range can boast. These modules (and avoiding obsolescence) don't come cheap, though: the Epic upgrade will set you back $6000, while the same module for the Scarlet hasn't been priced yet. Both will be available later this year.