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Vela exercise bike turns gym equipment into modern art, fulfils your Lightcycle-based dreams

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The Vela exercise bike from German designers Lunar Europe aims to offer gym equipment that doubles as art, and won't look out of place in your living room.

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Exercise: most of us don't get enough of it, and going to the gym can be a chore. For those of us with small apartments, gym equipment is the last thing we want in the limited space we have, with the bulky grey or white boxes looking out of place and ugly. German design company Lunar Europe thinks that it may have solved this problem, though — the Vela exercise bike, which has more in common with modern art than most modern gym equipment.

As well as its unique design, the bike has a number of clever features that set it apart from most other exercise machines. While some bikes might use videogame-like graphics or the more standard trip computers to give you a sense of movement and achievement, the Vela uses projectors built into the frame to create a Tron-like mesh that moves around you as you cycle. The mesh also changes color and density as you progress through stages of your workout and achieve goals. The Vela's set to make its debut at the Milan Furniture Fair, which begins tomorrow, though it looks to us like it's still very much a concept.