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Windows 8 gets its first third-party Metro Twitter client along with new apps and games

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Microsoft has updated its Windows Store to include new apps and games, as well as some updates to existing offerings.

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windows store
windows store

Microsoft's summer interns may have created Windows 8's first Twitter client, Tweet@rama, during the Developer Preview last year, but the prototype app was absent from the company's recent Consumer Preview. FlipToast has stepped in and released its own Windows 8 Metro style app, offering access to Twitter and Facebook in a touch friendly way. It is one of only four "social" apps in Microsoft's new Windows Store and the first to offer Twitter functionality for the Windows 8 Consumer Preview.

Microsoft has also released updates for existing apps, including the WordPress Metro style application — allowing WordPress bloggers to create new posts within the app (a feature it previously lacked). INRIX traffic is newly released on the Windows Store, providing access to traffic conditions in a local area — also available on Windows Phone. Microsoft LifeCam users will be happy to hear that there is now a Metro Style dashboard app for Microsoft LifeCam Studio, Cinema, HD-6000 for notebooks, HD-5000, HD-5001 or HD-3000 webcams, which includes a variety of settings and special effects.

Gamers haven't been left out in the latest Windows Store update either, popular Xbox Live Arcade game Hydro Thunder Hurricane has been ported across to Windows 8 and is available free in the store. The preview version includes two boats and tracks, with a full version promised in future with access to 11 tracks and boats.