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Apple reiterates commitment to Final Cut Pro X, mentions new features coming in 2012

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At NAB 2012, Apple spoke on-the-record about some new features coming to Final Cut Pro X and reiterated the fact that it has a long-terms commitment to the controversial video editing software.

Final Cut Pro X
Final Cut Pro X

It's no secret that many Final Cut Pro users were unhappy when Apple released the controversial Final Cut Pro X — there's a feeling in the video editing community that Apple is ignoring the professional video editing base, especially with the lack of compatibility with projects made in older versions of the software. While Apple hasn't announced anything new on that front, the company spoke on-the-record with Larry Jordan ahead of the 2012 NAB show and shared some details on features that'll be coming in the next version of the video editor. There's no word on backwards compatibility, but there will be new multi-channel audio editing tools and support for RED video cameras, as well as MXF plug-in support and dual source and record viewers. Apple didn't say exactly when these features will roll out; all we know is they'll be available sometime in 2012.

Additionally, Apple reiterated that the company has a long-term commitment to Final Cut Pro X and that they view it as a long-term project — what that really means is that there is not a Final Cut Pro 8 waiting in the wings for those who haven't adjusted their workflow to Apple's new software. Final Cut Pro X is where Apple thinks video editing will go in the future — in characteristically Apple fashion, it won't deviate from that vision, even if it loses some customers in the short-term.