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Republic Wireless reveals how its beta expansion will work

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Republic Wireless is planning to use a staggered rollout when it reopens its beta system over the summer, with those who registered their interest being invited in waves.

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Cell startup and Wi-Fi calling solution Republic Wireless announced last month that it planned to open its beta to more customers during the summer, and now it has revealed just how you can get a place in the beta. The system will work in waves, allowing the company to stagger the rollout of its service and ensure that its systems can take the strain as each new batch of customers arrives. If you signed up for information or tried to buy from Republic back in November when it launched the service, you've already been given a spot in one of the waves and will get an email sometime next week inviting you to take your place in the queue. From there, you'll be contacted later this summer, inviting you to buy a handset.

As for new phones and the availability of the Republic Wi-Fi switching technology, the company's still got no more to say, but says that it's "stoked about what's coming your way." With the Optimus S getting a little long in the tooth now, these new additions can't come too soon.

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