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Office for Mac 2011 updated with Lion full-screen support and over 100 bug fixes

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Office for Mac 2011 now includes full-screen support and over 100 bug fixes with Service Pack 2 release.

Office for Mac 2011
Office for Mac 2011

Microsoft originally promised to bring full-screen, versioning, and autosave support to its Office for Mac 2011 software nearly a year ago, and the company has now released an update that includes full-screen support for Lion OS X users — kind of. Full-screen works as you'd expect across the Word, Excel, and PowerPoint for Mac 2011 apps, but Microsoft's Outlook for Mac 2011 email client lacks a full-screen option. Microsoft hasn't revealed why Outlook has been left behind and the company has not provided any update on the promised versioning and autosave features for Lion users either.

The update, named Service Pack 2, also brings a host of bug fixes to applications like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook — with a new drag-and-drop feature added to the Document Connection component. There is a handful of fixes for Excel, Word, and PowerPoint, but most of the attention is focused on improving Outlook for Mac 2011. If you've experienced issues with some of the calendar features of Outlook for Mac 2011, or you're interested in full-screen support, then it's worth running the Office update tool or hitting the source link for a manual download and more information.