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Leaked Office 15 video hints at cloud features of next Microsoft Office suite

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Leaked Office "15" video reveals a cloud-centric marketing stance for Microsoft's next Office suite.

Office 15 hero
Office 15 hero

A new video leaked to the internet today appears to reveal that Microsoft is preparing a cloud-centric version of Microsoft Office. Dubbed Office "15", the software is currently available to a select amount of testers outside Redmond's walls, with a public beta promised for summer time. The video, made available by Rafael Rivera, appears to be a marketing video promising that Office will go "wherever you go" thanks to a centralized Office sign-in process that keeps documents online in the cloud. "That way they travel with you to all your devices," says the promotional video — a clear selling point of the next version of Office.

We have looked closely at Microsoft's Office 15 features and improvements and leaked screenshots have previously revealed a sign-in option in each Office 15 app alongside the ability to save documents straight to various web locations, including Microsoft's own SkyDrive. We still don't know when Office 15 will be in stores, but a leaked document earlier this month suggests that it may not be ready until early 2013 — later than expected.