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French presidential candidate François Bayrou uses Konami code for awesome retro cut-scene

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The Konami code has popped up in a surprising place: the website of French presidential candidate François Bayrou.


For as long as we can remember the Konami code has been used to unearth cool easter eggs on a wide range of websites — but that doesn't make it any less surprising to find it used by French politician François Bayrou. If you go to Bayrou's site and enter the famous cheat code (up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A) you'll be greeted with an NES-style cut-scene featuring 8-bit visuals, a retro soundtrack, and what appears to be an epic tale (our French is a little rusty) complete with the terrific closing line "insert vote to continue." Bayrou is the current president of France's Democratic Movement, and last year announced his candidacy for the upcoming French presidential elections, the first round of which is set to take place later this month. While we're not sure just how big the retro gaming community is in terms of voting power, using the Konami code should at least give Bayrou a few extra votes — if not 30 extra lives.

Thanks Walter!