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Australia and Apple can't resolve problems with new iPad '4G' branding

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Apple and the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission have apparently failed to reach an agreement on whether or not to rename the Wi-Fi + 4G edition of the new iPad after the Commission determined that Apple was violating consumer protection laws with misleading advertising.

new iPad LTE
new iPad LTE

Apple's new iPad comes in "Wi-Fi" and "Wi-Fi + 4G" varieties, but most customers worldwide will be missing a G when they buy the latter: the iPad's version of LTE is only supported in the US and Canada. In late March, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission filed an injunction against Apple, alleging that it violated the Australian Consumer Law by misleading customers to believe that the "4G" iPad could connect to local LTE or WiMAX networks. Apple agreed to add clarifications to advertising and has offered refunds to consumers, but the product's name is still a sticking point, and now talks on whether Apple will change it have apparently stalled.

The Sydney Morning Herald reports that planned mediation between the two groups came and went without any decision being reached. Although Apple agreed to contact people who had bought an iPad to make sure they knew they could have money refunded, it's unlikely that the notoriously stubborn company will go along with rebranding a product for one market. Consumer protection agencies in the UK and Sweden have also discussed investigating the matter, but Apple has tremendous leverage in selling its popular tablet. The Federal Court in Melbourne will determine how to proceed later today.