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GoPro Wi-Fi BacPac remote and viewfinder coming this summer for $99 (hands-on)

GoPro Wi-Fi BacPac remote and viewfinder coming this summer for $99 (hands-on)


We take a look at the GoPro Wi-Fi BacPac, a $99 accessory that adds remote and viewfinder capabilities to GoPro cameras

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We first got a glance at GoPro's Wi-Fi BacPac at CES, but the company's back at NAB showing off the device and revealing a few more details. Basically, the BacPac is a small module that attaches to the back of any GoPro camera and gives you remote control of the device via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. You can connect one camera or dozens — we controlled 30 at once — to a single remote, all set up as far as a football field apart. The included remote lets you start and stop recording on all the cameras at once, as well as tweak settings and modes. We've been really impressed with the GoPro's video quality and durability, and being able to set the camera up and control it from afar is a pretty nice addition.

If you have a smartphone or tablet, the BacPac will also act as a viewfinder for your GoPro cameras. The phone and camera connect via an ad-hoc Wi-Fi network, so you can see exactly what the camera sees as you control settings and recording. Unfortunately, you won't initially be able to stream from the GoPro to the internet using your phone as the conduit, but GoPro reps said that's coming in the form of a software update.

The BacPac works with the GoPro Hero and Hero 2 — though the smartphone-as-viewfinder capabilities only work on the Hero 2 — and will be available this summer for $99.