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    Are digital downloads covered by your home insurance?

    Are digital downloads covered by your home insurance?


    A number of insurance providers in Britain include coverage of lost digital downloads in their policies.

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    Insurance is a great way to protect some of your more expensive physical purchases like a house or car, but what about that massive MP3 collection you never got around to backing up? Well, it turns out that some insurance providers in Britain will actually help cover the cost of lost digital downloads — with coverage going as high as £2,500 ($3,975) per incident. Price comparison site looked at nine of the leading insurance providers in the country, and found that five had policies that cover digital content, though what they actually cover ranges quite a bit. While some specify that information on your mobile device is included, others will only cover lost downloads from "home entertainment equipment." Of course, MP3s and apps are probably towards the bottom of your list when it comes to insurance priorities, but for those of us that download a lot of content it's certainly something worth considering.