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Sony NEX-FS700 hands-on: super-slow motion and 4K video for under $10,000

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We spent some time with the Sony NEX-FS700, the latest cinema camera from Sony with slow-motion shooting and 4K capability for less then $10,000.

Sony NEX-FS700
Sony NEX-FS700

It seems like everywhere you look at NAB, someone's showing off a 4K camera. Sony's NEX-FS700 doesn't actually shoot 4K yet (though it will soon, with an extra recorder attached and after a firmware upgrade), but it has another feature that sets it apart: it can shoot 1080p footage at 240 frames per second, and can go as high as 960 fps at lower resolutions. The FS700 also features ISO range up to ISO 20,000, a Super 35mm sensor, and an E mount that means it can use all the same lenses as Sony's still NEX cameras.

We spent a few minutes with the camera, and though we couldn't test its hallmark feature we still liked what we saw. Once the 4K is enabled, though, the price-resolution-slow-motion combination becomes the real hook here: Sony won't name an exact price for the camera, but did say it will be "under $10,000." Both RED and Canon 4K cameras come in at considerably more, so Sony's offering could look really compelling.

The FS700 is due out in June, with the 4K-enabling upgrade to come later this year.