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Mophie launches Powerstation Pro mobile charger, with 6,000mAh of power (hands-on)

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Mophie has launched the Powerstation Pro, a portable charger with huge battery life.

Mophie Powerstation Pro
Mophie Powerstation Pro

Mophie announced the latest addition to its portable power lineup today, in the Juice Pack Powerstation Pro. Its 6,000mAh of battery capacity is the most of any Mophie product yet — enough to charge your iPhone a few times, though unfortunately not enough to fully recharge the new iPad's massive battery — and it can charge almost any device via USB. The Powerstation Pro is also designed to go almost anywhere and survive almost anything: it's waterproof, drop-proof and generally rugged. The $129.95 device can charge at different speeds, too, depending on the device you have — 500mAh, 1A or 2.1A.

Mophie sent us a Powerstation Pro to test out, and as it happened we had the perfect way to stress-test the device: a trip to New Mexico for a shoot. It proved useful on multiple occasions during the cross-country adventure, providing an easy way to quickly charge high-use items like our MiFi, which we were able to keep stowed away in our bags, constantly charging. While the addition of multiple USB ports for charging more than one gadget at a time would make this device nearly perfect, the device functions exactly as expected: it's a big battery that charges things fast.

Jordan Oplinger contributed to this story — he's the one who took it to New Mexico, after all.