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Kickstarter funding record smashed by $3.3 million of Pebble smartwatch pledges

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The Pebble smartwatch has broken Kickstarter's funding record by getting over $3.3 million in pledges in less than a week.

pebble smartwatch
pebble smartwatch

Allerta's Pebble smartwatch started its Kickstarter funding round less than a week ago, but it's already raised more money than any project in the site's history, having smashed the record set by Double Fine's adventure game last month. The current figure of $3,378,384 is over 33 times the originally set goal, and there's still a full month left for the Pebble project to receive pledges. Allerta has been adding features like waterproofing to the Pebble smartwatch as it's become increasingly clear that money isn't going to be a problem, and just yesterday said that there were additional "cool announcements" to come. It looks like Kickstarter's popularity is accelerating fast — since the first $1 million project was funded back in February, we've seen six more pass the milestone.