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Social media adverts on TV more effective than we thought

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Accenture has surveyed a group of television viewers to find out how many use social media after seeing adverts.

Phone and TV remote Twitter
Phone and TV remote Twitter

A survey carried out by Accenture has found that one in three Americans has used social media as a result of TV advertisements. The survey polled 1000 viewers across a variety of ages to find the efficacy of social media tie-ins on television. 20 percent of those polled 'liked" a program on Facebook after seeing a symbol on their screen, 11 percent scanned a QR code, 7 percent looked up a Twitter hashtag, and 5 percent attempted to identify a song using Shazam. The fact that around 110 people actually decided that scanning a QR code on their TV was the thing to do is surprising to say the least.

When asked why they accessed social media, 43 percent were looking for more information on the show in question, 26 percent were looking for related videos or interacting with the show. A large portion of users were interested in finding a good deal: 32 percent of users wanted coupons and 31 percent were entering a contest or sweepstakes. A full 16 percent responded saying they accessed social media to (presumably indirectly) buy something.

We recently reported on a Nielsen survey which suggested that Americans were the most connected nation while watching TV, so it makes sense that companies are doing their best to capitalize on this trend. Almost three quarters of respondents said their social media experience met expectations, with only ten percent saying it fell short. That's either a sign that social networks are getting it spot on, or that people have low expectations to begin with.