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Intel Cove Point Windows 8 ultrabook hybrid may cost $1,000, says Intel

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Intel's prototype Windows 8 hybrid ultrabook may cost around $1,000.

Intel Cove Point
Intel Cove Point

Intel showed off its Windows 8 hybrid tablet / ultrabook prototype at its Developer Forum (IDF) in Beijing last week and fresh details are emerging about the hardware and its pricing. Despite being the talking point of CES this year, ultrabooks are slowly merging into tablet hybrids thanks to advances in chipsets and design. Intel's Cove Point, known previously as the Letexo, was shown running on the company's Ivy Bridge platform and includes a 12.5-inch display, two USB 3.0 ports and an HDMI port — meaning this is a high-performance PC rather than a convertible with an Atom processor.

There is no timeframe on when Cove Point-style hardware will be available, or if any OEMs will opt to manufacture such a device, but Gary Richman, Director of Marketing for Intel’s PC Client Solutions Division, revealed to Wired this week that the device shown off at IDF 2012 will cost around $1,000. With 75 different types of ultrabooks arriving during 2012, priced as low as $699, it's a tough ask to expect OEMs and even consumers to show interest in high-priced hybrid ultrabooks just yet, but once prices drop over time then high-powered hybrid tablets could be the next big selling point for Microsoft, Intel, and PC manufacturers.