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Watch the Navy's fire-fighting robot Octavia put out a fire

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Octavia, one of the Navy's SAFFiR fire-fighting robot prototypes, has been captured on video extinguishing a very small fire.

octavia fire fighting robot
octavia fire fighting robot

We first brought you news of the Navy-funded fire-fighting robots Lucas and Octavia earlier this month, and since then a video has emerged showing Octavia successfully extinguishing an (admittedly tiny) fire. Octavia responds to natural language commands and gestures, and is able to detect and extinguish fires autonomously after being led in the right direction. The Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) says it will continue to refine Octavia's software to enable it to interact naturally "shoulder-to-shoulder" with humans. The NRL also plans to add the ability to automatically recognize different types of fire and determine the best course of action. Although Octavia moves on wheels, the Navy's fire-fighting SAFFiR project is bipedal — it's the ability to respond and recognize threats that's impressive here, and will hopefully be integrated into the project at a later date. Whatever form the project ends up taking, we hope it wont involve Octavia's truly disturbing face.