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Hauppauge adds DVR-style recording features to its Broadway streaming TV box

Hauppauge just announced a software update that will add DVR-style recording capabilities to its Broadway streaming TV box.

Hauppauge Broadway
Hauppauge Broadway

The Hauppauge Broadway is a handy addition to your home theater setup if you're a frequent traveler — this small box sits between your TV source and internet router and lets users access live TV from anywhere in the world, similar to the Slingbox. It previously only streamed live TV, but Hauppauge just announced a software update that will add DVR-style capabilities, letting users record shows and then stream them at a later date. To do this, you'll need to attach a USB flash drive or external hard drive for the Broadway to save programs to — once that's installed, you'll be able to stream H.264 recordings anywhere you can get online. What isn't clear yet is how you manage recordings on the Broadway — having the ability to designate shows to be recorded for streaming later would be quite useful, but Hauppauge hasn't said whether that will be an option.

While Hauppauge highlights the iPhone and iPad in its marketing materials, you can stream to Macs and PCs as well as Android devices running 2.2 or better. Everything runs through the browser, so there shouldn't be any software to install — though Mac and PC users will need to have Flash installed. If you're interested, Hauppauge is selling the Broadway for $199.99, though its not clear yet exactly when this software will roll out.